warring factions

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warring with life

Do we fight in wars? Or do we strive to end them?

All we do is choose sides and hope we win.

What about the destruction and casualties of our so-called enemies? Children being slaughtered; women widowed; homes abandoned; dying men; killing the innocents.

Make peace. This doesn’t mean that you surrender. Its just a broad aggreement, an approach that is a total game changer. I mean did anyone ever think of this-during WWI or WWII?

Some say love can end wars. (As portrayed by Diana in Wonder Woman)

What does war mean to humanity?

We are created by our beliefs. That is for sure. And sometimes our detetrmination is so strong that previously problematic issues seem negligible. We start looking at the world from a global perspective.

Maybe all of us don’t look at problems that way, maybe our dreams will always remain hallucinations.