5 simple tips for effective notetaking

  1. Prepare:
    1. Read any background data
    2. Arrive in good time
    3. Be prepared with stationary
  2. Listen
    1. Listen and write simultaneously
    2. Pick up phrases, accents, voice changes
    3. Ask questions
  3. Only write what’s needed
    1. Main points, sub-points, illustrations
    2. Explain them in own words
    3. Less time? Leave a question to research later
  4. Organize your notes
    1. Highlight headings, subheadings
    2. Bullet points, underline
    3. Abbreviations and symbols
    4. Diagrams, flow charts, mindmaps
  5. Review
    1. Cornell Method
    2. Re-read your notes



nothing to see here folks!

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