Imagination And Willpower

Here are a few chunks of information that I’ve scraped from the book-‘A Bias For Action’ written by Sumantra Ghoshal and Heike Bruch. I took time to read the book and I just wanted to share the important things it taught me.

Think about this,

Have you ever spotted a chance to do something valuable-but for whatever reason, you did not pursue it? Perhaps you started and then gave up when you hit the first roadblock or maybe you just didn’t begin with it in the first place.

If this has happened to you, you are by no means an exception.

Sometimes, you push very hard but it doesn’t get you anywhere. This is because of the gap between knowledge and action.

Purposeful action ,that is, conscious consistent and energetic behavior.

What type of a leader are you?

  • The Frenzied: Highly energetic but unfocused and appear hasty and desperate.
  • The Procrastinators: Lack both energy and focus and often feel insecure, also fear failure.
  • The Detached: Disengaged from their goals and agenda and seem aloof, tense and apathetic.
  • The Purposeful: Highly focused and energetic and come across as reflective, calm amid chaos.

Are willpower and motivation the same thing?

No, willpower-the force behind energy and focus-goes a decisive step further than motivation.


1.First, find a clear, ambitious goal that you feel confident about achieving.

You cannot simply not have a goal, however; you must also personally believe that you can achieve it.Here are the guidelines to choose a goal perfect for you:

  • Choose a goal that is well defined and concrete
  • Choose a goal with which you can personally identify
  • Set a goal that feels personally challenging.

2. Actively manage your emotions relating to the tasks needed to achieve that goal

If you find yourself suffering from low energy, try refueling through regular sports or hobbies.

To Jump Start Your Energy:

  • What role model do I know who helps me understand what it takes to achieve my goal?
  • Who can give me feedback and help me evaluate whether I have the capabilities to achieve my goal?
  • What abilities do I have and what do I have to learn to become sure I will succeed?
  • Should I change my tasks so that my work is less stressful?
  • Do I understand my intention with head and heart? Does it feel right? Does it excite me?
  • Ask yourself, “How will I feel once I’ve met my goal?”

3. Maintain positive energy by managing painful emotions and finding ways to trigger them. Acknowledge painful emotions, such as doubt and frustration and talk about them rather than trying to avoid them. Process negative thoughts with trusted friends and colleagues. Inject humor around your fears. Use other people’s nay-saying to mobilize your pride and spur you toward your goal. Distance yourself from negatively charged situations to decrease their power.

Focus begins when you simplify your goal or intention into a vivid mental picture.

Hope you found this helpful!



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