welcome to my basement

The door opens creakily. For a moment, our eyes meet. Even on a moonless night, eyes wouldn’t go speechless, would they? Very attention grabbing they are.

Come in, come in. You’ve finally made it here.

I step aside letting you and your suddenly vexed mind into the room.

Oh come on, don’t look so frightened. To most outsiders this place seems exceptional. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Let me give you a quick tour of this amazing place. And yeah I almost forgot…since you are our special customer, you get to sit in a roller coaster train! Isn’t that exciting?

We walk over to the first cart in sight(and perhaps the only one) and take our seats.

Buckle up my friend, none of us want to get our heads ripped off right? Uh, I’m just joking. Nonetheless, make yourself feel comfortable.

Wait…what? You wanna get off? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is going to be thrilling. Also, I designed this roller coaster myself.

I pull the lever alongside. Here we go!

The wheels screech against the tracks. At a instant it picks up speed. The ground around us which was once bare is now flooded with blood.

I notice you anxiously looking sideways. Oh dear, this is just the beginning, I say darkly.

The sound of gears clicking fills the tunnel and as it accelerates the wind pushes our tiny heads against the wooden seats.

You are doing nothing but screaming on top of your lungs. I somehow manage to make out a few meaningful words-Make it stop….We’re going too fast…we’re gonna crash. there’s no stepping back from here. Maybe you could distract yourself by looking around.

You realize that we aren’t alone.

We’re surrounded by human eaters or as the man calls them ‘Zombies’.

Not just a few but millions of them falling on each other and trying to get hold of the human seated beside me.

As those bloody, moaning bodies extend their arms towards you, you back up but -oops- too late. A zombie has already got its teeth sunken into your left arm. You frantically try shaking it off but it does no good.

Now your right arm’s bleeding too. But look ahead! You turn your head only to find a couple of nooses hanging from the top.

You duck just in time. If it wasn’t for my warning you’d be hanging from the ceiling the very next minute.

As we incline, you get rid of the zombies and they’re left behind giving you the we-will-be-back-soon look.

Wooden boards hang on the walls of the tunnel with plenty of blood splattered on them. And before you know it a 50-inch long axe comes for you and manages to chop off more than half of the hair standing on your head.

Headless women dressed in white from head-to-toe hang loosely in still air and they appear to be cleaning and trimming their nails with melees. Or rather cutting their nails from the nail-bed quite apathetically.

And as if the sight wasn’t intimidating enough, fireballs emerge from their hollow torsos, aimed right at us. You dodged them very cleverly but the extensive smoke got you all chocked up and coughing non-stop. You faint and fall back into your seat. Movement stops and you lie there, dead just like any other customer who pays me a visit. I walk away thinking of your beautiful head being stored in a glass jar on my favorite shelf. Mmm…perfect.


nothing to see here folks!

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