:study tips:

Let’s get straight into it!

  1. For every 30 mins of studying, take a small, refreshing 5 min break. In these 5 mins, do something you love! Repeat this and you can effortlessly study for 6 hours straight!
  2. Maintain a study lamp. Turn on the lamp to make the ambiance a little intense; it will let you concentrate better.
  3. Be ACTIVE in learning! Don’t just blindly memorize stuff. Rote-memorization never works(If you’re going for long-term memory).Understand what you’re reading. Ask yourself: Am I learning a concept or a fact? Also, if you are memorizing a formula, make sure you go through its proof or derivation, as they help you remember them clearly and for a really long time.
  4. Sleep properly, 8 hrs on an average. Sleep throughout the night and try not to wake up often.
  5. Take notes, attend all sessions, and participate actively, by asking relevant doubts and questions.
  6. Teach someone else! (this is certainly my favorite one). If you don’t have siblings at home, try teaching a chair.(no kidding)
  7. Use mnemonics, acronyms, coined sayings, interactive images, flash cards and everything you can do to memorize facts and other stuff.
  8. SQ3R [ Survey Question Recite Read Review]
  9. Do not multitask. Watching television while doing history is as bad as reading the movie while watching history.


Hope this helps! 🙂