Covid-19: A Blessing in disguise

“A change of perspective is all you need”, I told myself.

I was sick of everything. My parents, neighbors, relatives worrying, panicking, being super pessimistic .Everyone around me thought this virus to be a curse or something.

We still do not have much to say about it’s origin and scientists all around the world are trying to cure patients and find a vaccine so as to prevent infecting those who haven’t been hit by this deadly virus.

Social media is flooding with memes, fake news, and what not.

On the contrary, I see this as a new opportunity for socializing with people( don’t forget about social distancing). I feel like, God, the one who is looking over us observed something wrong and so wants to convey a message to us… I know it sounds crazy to the atheists out there but they might get convinced when I tell them about the opportunities it has opened up.

Working parents get to spend time with their kids and also their parents. Even though they have to work from home , their levels are comparatively lower. It’s giving everyone, in general, a break from their busy lives.

Animals too seem to be responding to this. The pollution- free environment is promoting the existence of creatures like dolphins.

I,myself, as a student needed a break. I changed schools a year ago and I had to deal with some very basic problems. Now that I’ve got time to retrospect, I feel much stronger and readier for the academic year ahead.

At the same time I’m also working on my skills and talents, perhaps with the help of trial and error method

It’s bringing us together. And I’m sure after this controversy ends, we’ll emerge as conscious, responsive humans who’ll give attention to all aspects of their lives.

And you know when I discerned all of this ?

Last night, while having ‘family dinner’ after years or so.

In short, Covid-19 is an open window of hope .

Thank you, folks!

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